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The U.S. Park Company staff that surveyed Bunce Island in 1989 proposed the ruins be stabilized and that each one-weather, out of doors reveals be offered for each construction.

Bunce Island bought generally young Guys involving about fifteen and thirty and some younger Women of all ages and youngsters. When the slave ships arrived with the castle, the captains loaded the captives aboard, packing them with each other under deck in unspeakable circumstances. About fifteen% of your "human cargo" died on a median voyage to The united states.

Visitors to the island generally talk to why the slave traders chose such a little and seemingly insignificant place for their castle. The solution is always that Bunce Island is strategically Positioned for the Restrict of navigation in The nice harbor. The castle about the north end on the island overlooks The purpose at which deep-draft ocean-heading ships sailing into your harbor experienced to stop to stay away from working aground. This gave the castle major advantages for defense. Bunce Island was attacked many situations by pirates and also the French navy, As well as in each situation its geography assisted defend the defenders.

An uninhabited island in a distant region, Bunce Island was deserted soon once the slave trade finished. In several respects, It's a slave trade Pompeii, and likely there right now a person has the feeling that background stopped two hundred years ago. A Sierra Leonean historian after identified as it a place “where by background sleeps.”

African workers were being A further essential A part of castle Culture. Bunce Island employed "castle slaves" in the course of its early history, but via the 1750s the British traders have been utilizing a huge selection of free African workers, or "grumetes," who ended up paid out large wages.

They purchased slaves introduced straight to the castle by African traders who sailed down The 2 massive rivers that stream to the harbor a few miles previously mentioned Bunce Island.

Following the timber last but not least ran out about 1840, the globe had no further use for Bunce Island. The castle was abandoned, and its collapsing buildings were lined in jungle.

American rice planters had been keenly conscious of the worth of rice-growing slaves from Sierra Leone, and slave ships owned by other non-public merchants also known as at Bunce Island, acquiring slaves in the chief agent and getting them to Charles Town and Savannah.

Bunce Island made available various worthwhile services to viewing ships. The castle’s grumetes could repair large vessels as well as careen them over the shore and cleanse their hulls. The castle could supply very important shipbuilding components, including masts, planks, and tar.

The Fort House which can be created above An array of magazines [cannons] is usually a basic, neat building more than enough with a really interesting and hassle-free gallery [veranda] during the entrance, wherever the gentlemen can walk and see each individual point Just about which is passing about them (Fyfe 1964:70).

When public debate more than a proposed regulation to ban the Atlantic slave trade attained a head in Wonderful Britain, John Check This Out and Alexander Anderson, fearing the decline of their livelihood, petitioned Parliament in 1798. They'd “invested an exceptionally fantastic Cash” in Bunce Island, they stated, and stopping the slave trade would render their castle “useless” and their financial investment “wholly lost.

Bunce Island’s only h2o very well is found below. The very well was most likely utilised a lot more through the grumetes and visiting traders and their captives than from the Bunce Island Males them selves. Many of the castle’s water was brought in significant barrels from neighboring Tasso Island wherever There's a spring in close proximity to the modern village of Roku Town. The slave traders also utilized the spring to provision checking out slave ships.

Students will likely be drawn to Bunce Island A growing number of in the coming many years. Bunce Island is arguably An important historic internet site in Africa for The us, and there is still far more being discovered over it as a result of archaeological and historical study. Excavation of your castle advanced will without doubt generate a treasure-trove of information to the background of your castle, the lives in the British slave traders, the treatment of African captives, the African grumete village, plus the company of slave buying and selling.

The south elaborate faces the south, or landward, approach to the castle. Its principal element is a long, significant stone wall that spans the whole width with the island, increasing to nearly 40 feet since the land drops over the upriver facet. The primary gate, which held two massive wood doors, was developed with the west conclusion of your wall close to the jetty.

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